Rolled Posters

Rolled Posters


Elevate your space with our versatile Rolled Posters, available in both horizontal and vertical layouts. Choose from three paper types: luxurious 285 gsm fine art, sleek 180 gsm semi-glossy, and classic 200 gsm matte, each ensuring vibrant color and quality. With a wide range of sizes, these posters are perfect for any room. Note: Currently, we’re not shipping from Australia, but we’re dedicated to meeting your art needs with excellence wherever you are.

$6.03 – $53.83

Key Features
Care Instructions

Choose between fine art (285gsm), semi-gloss (180gsm), or matte (200gsm), and bring your artwork to life in stunning detail. Whether it’s breathtaking landscapes, or eye-capturing portraits, these rolled prints can feature it all as they come in multiple sizes as well as horizontal and vertical orientations.

Semi glossy paper

The semi-glossy paper is a bright white photo paper with a satin finish, and it offers full sharp color fidelity

Fine art paper

The fine art paper is equivalent to traditional watercolor or etching paper. It has a soft textured surface and archival quality

Three paper options

Available in two options – fine art, semi-gloss and matte

Matte paper

Matte paper is a lighter-weight paper than fine art paper, and is optimized for artwork and can be suitable for photography in scenarios where a less glossy appearance is preferred

If the print does gather any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.

Biggest: 40″ x 28″

Smallest: 7″ x 5″

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