The Dogfather Canvas Gallery Wraps

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The Dogfather Canvas Gallery Wraps are the perfect addition to enhance the overall look of any room. With these wraps, we transform a blank wall into an artistic focal point. Our artwork is not just printed; it’s brought to life on top-grade canvas gallery wraps.

These wraps are constructed from artist-grade cotton substrate, known for its fine texture. This premium material is instrumental in rendering your chosen image with exceptional clarity and intricate detailing.

We offer the Dogfather Canvas Gallery Wraps in a range of sizes, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every space. Crafted with a solid face that’s patented for its superior support, these canvases have a closed back. This feature gives them a sleek look from every angle and also offers added sturdiness.

Every wrap is produced with 100% cotton fabric, the optimal medium for printing artwork characterized by high details and lively colors. This guarantees that your prints not only look striking but are also durable.

The canvas of each wrap features a thickness of 0.0135 inch (13.5 mil), and a density of 400gsm, affirming it as a highly robust option. This results in prints that not only look stunning but are also designed to last, transforming your rooms for the long haul.

The Dogfather Canvas Gallery Wraps also feature a closed MDF backing, providing an extra safeguard for your prints. This ensures they maintain their integrity and prime condition, effortlessly withstanding the test of time.

Please note, these canvas wraps are best suited for indoor use, turning any room into a visually appealing space with ease. With the Dogfather Canvas Gallery Wraps, we bring you more than a print, we bring you a masterpiece that melds seamlessly with your decor.

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