The Dogfather Gallery Canvas Wraps, Horizontal Frame

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The Dogfather Gallery Canvas Wraps, with a horizontal orientation, promises not just a typical print. It’s an entire personality statement to adorn your walls. Using traditional poplar wood, each frame is finely carved and available in the choice of a warm walnut or versatile black finish. Our canvas wraps are knowingly crafted with solid faces to support the highest quality canvas, preventing them from deforming.

The eminent quality of our canvas is worth mentioning. Created from 100% cotton fabric, these canvases offer a pure and natural texture that lends seamless display value for our artwork. Their durability and resistance to warping further ensure they retain their freshly minted appearance, as flat and as taut as they were on day one.

One of the standout features of these canvas wraps is the high image quality and detail. Every stroke, every shade, is captured and displayed to truly reflect the depth of the artwork. The Dogfather Gallery Canvas Wraps takes your indoor décor to a whole new level of sophistication. Please remember, this piece can shine its brightest only when kept indoors. The charm of your interiors now has a new companion for years to come. Choose your right size and revel in the timeless appeal of exquisitely crafted canvas artistry.

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